We deliver…but importantly we build support and confidence early to move the programme off the senior management concern list creating the space to operate.
We are engaged when a client has to deliver because of false start taking too much senior management time and creating noise in the organisation.

The Team

we use programme and subject matter experts who have the experience to drive programmes rapidly to a known conclusion. 

Our team’s confidence is infectious and builds trust and support across your business.

The Modulated Methodology

we have segmented our proprietary delivery methodology allowing us to make progress across all our work streams in parallel maximising the volume of work that can be achieved within tight time frames. We deliver focussed on what we know, rather than be distracted by the 5% that is unknown.

The Tools

We use methodologies to significantly reduce the manual effort required and shorten the delivery timetable.  Additionally, we use innovative vendor management partners to assess the security of your vendors in real time.

The Legacy

 We focus on the implementation and sustainability of the “business as usual” operating model that is left after the programme finishes to ensure that the transformation is embedded into the operating rhythm of the company.

Our Reporting

A critical part of our programme is the production of Management Information to allow organisations to report their privacy performance to senior management.  We build our programme metrics early which steers the work performed in the programme

The Cost

We cost less and deliver faster than peer organisations because we bring in experts when required to accelerate programmes and our modulated approach allows us to execute components of the programme using lower priced resources.