Change | Regulatory | Data | Privacy & GDPR

We are a consulting firm who specialise in delivering the full life cycle of Change, Regulatory, Data, Privacy & GDPR major change programmes across organisations with specific skills in programme & project recovery and turn around services.

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We create certainty from the start of the assignment

We use experts with industry, subject matter content and change capabilities drawing on years of practical experience delivering transformations across multiple disciplines.

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We cost less and deliver faster

We use experts when required to accelerate programmes and our modulated approach allows us to execute components of the programme using lower priced resources 

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Our Methodology

Parcadian has developed proprietary methodologies that communicate complex challenges in simple ways to give senior management confidence they understand the situation, risks and their associated consequences. We assist management to define their risk appetite and make transparent decisions.

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Privacy & GDPR

We have resources that have delivered:


We have change experts who have the experience to recover and deliver complex programmes.  We have people who have lead group-wide change teams and implemented organisation re-designs, restructures, change framework implementations and quality control and skills reviews.  

Global / Regional Privacy Programmes

We have delivered multiple e-2-e privacy and a data protection programme stretching back moer than 15 years using our methodology across 1 – >50 territories  from requirements definition through to the roll out of a staff training and awareness campaign.  This awareness campaign is distributed on the Information Commissioner’s (ICO) website.  We have won multiple awards globally.

GDPR Recovery Programmes

We have run GDPR turnaround programmes across multiple industries including FS, Property, Medical, Wellness etc which refocussed and restructured the work across 9 work streams, revised budgets.  We rebuilt confidence and demonstrated tangible results in 3 months. Our methodology uses focussed discovery, a modulated approach and experienced and specialist resources to deliver compliance to tight / past regulatory time lines.

Data Governance Frameworks

Designed and implemented a Data Governance framework for a global business services and standards organisation.  This involved the design and deployment across business lines, sectors and territories and the re-focussing of the organisations change portfolio.

Fast Track Privacy Initiatives

Using our Parcadian Fast Track methodology we designed and deployed a Privacy framework for fast growing life sciences business operating in the EU and the USA in advance of fundraising and IPO.  This involved the creation of policies, processes and privacy artefacts using a single individual for a three month assignment.


Strategy formulation and review – We have worked with an international recruitment and staffing consultancy to formulate a new divisional strategy to refocus and develop an action plan to take the proposals to the executive board and secure the resources to execute.  We have also developed the materials to seek funds and participated in the due diligence process together with clients.